Doug Fitzjarrell | About
I am a Waco, TX based freelance photographer. When asked what type of photography I do I usually respond by telling people "I don't jump out of airplanes and I don't do underwater work but I do everything in between." I am open for just about anything a client may want. I believe my business is "all about the image" and I will go the extra mile to get the shots my client expects. I have been working as a professional photographer for 13 years. Because I freelance I feel confident on location as well as in a studio setting. I can work one on one or with very large groups. I love to shoot with High School seniors and to do fashion work but am just as at ease with a family or in the mix of a wedding. I love the camera and how I see the world around me through it. I love to work with people and usually they enjoy working with me. I hope that when you enter my site and view my photography you will be able to see the passion that comes from pressing the shutter button.

Doug Fitzjarrell