Doug Fitzjarrell | Emily Reeder
Created 30-Apr-15
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Here are the pictures of Emily you were wanting to look at. You can purchase directly from this website or email me a list of images, sizes etc. If you want to purchase the digital images just email me.
IMG_2967_5x7IMG_2970 5x7IMG_2975_5x7IMG_2979_5x7 bwIMG_2979_5x7 hair adjIMG_2979_5x7IMG_2982_5x7IMG_2984_5x7IMG_2987_5x7IMG_2990_5x7IMG_3001_5x7IMG_3002_5x7IMG_3007_5x7IMG_3011_5x7IMG_3014_5x7IMG_3015_5x7IMG_3017_5x7IMG_3018_5x7 adjustedIMG_3019_5x7IMG_3023_5x7

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