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Created 26-May-14
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I adjusted all the images but edited only and few and fully edited one of Glenda's images. I used a 7x12 crop to get the close up of the groups and 5x7 which is the commercial crop for headshots. Once you choose the images you want to purchase I will fully edit each one. Give me ideas of what you what me to edit as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures and that they will work for what you are wanting to do. This gallery is for proofing only and cannot be purchased from.
_MG_8010_7x12_MG_8014_7x12_Final_MG_8017_7 x12_MG_8018_7 x12_MG_8020_7x12_MG_8025_7x12_MG_8026_7x12_MG_8028_7x12_MG_8029_7x12_MG_8033_7x12_MG_8034_7x12_MG_8035_7x12_MG_8037_7x12 fav_MG_8039_7x12_MG_8041_7x12_MG_8044_7x12_MG_8046 _7x12_MG_8048_7x12_MG_8052_7x12_MG_8055_7x12

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